Religious period

Founded in 1127 by monks, the Vauluisant Abbey is a religious place until 1789.

She includes : a monastic square, a mill, a pigeon loft, sereval gardens and a chapel and house for guests.

A successful conversion

After the french revolution, the monks are kicked out and the abbey is sold by the government.

A seller buys the property and demolishes parts of it to sell the stones and other materials


In 1835, the Javal family owns the abbey.

Some big changes are made : creation of an english style park and construction of the modern farm.

The place is used as a second home and a lot of receptions are organized.


In 1982, an association is created and orgasnizes cultural activites.

Since 2000, people are renting the place for weddings and receptions


Bed and breakfast opens in 2014 with Arnaud and Nicolas.

Vauluisant is becoming a place where we come to enjoy beauty and serenity.